Penny Tile Bathroom Contemporary


Penny tile bathroom is becoming the focus of many makeovers interior design. While once the bathroom was seen as purely functional, space is becoming a sanctuary of function and style. Contemporary tiles are occurring today in new and innovative materials, colors, shapes and sizes, ideal for swimming today. The use of these different products can produce a contemporary bathroom that combines form and function. Instead of using a traditional tile or square meter of tiles in the bathroom, make use of a penny tile bathroom.

Extremely long rectangles, thin called Styx are perfect for use in the walls of a modern bathroom. The two most commonly used materials along penny tile bathroom contemporary bathroom designs are porcelain and glass. Porcelain tiles are now available with finishes that mimic fabric, leather and metal. Installed on the floor for industrial and easy-care surface.

For small bathrooms and contemporary thinking big. Large tiles have fewer grout lines that tile smaller, which helps small bathrooms feel bigger. Contemporary tiles are available in sizes up to 24 inches and can be installed on floors or walls. Mix large format tile mosaic style and additional contrast. Try using a penny tile floor with a 12×24 inch subway tiles on the walls.

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