Installing Subway Tile Bathrooms


Glass subway tile bathrooms are clear, easy to clean waterproof tiles are generally larger than typical ceramic tiles. Rectangular, as opposed to the square in shape, some subway tiles give a bricklike to walls translucent appearance, allowing you to apply them as paving stones for a look not normally associated with the bathroom walls. Because they are made of glass subway tile bathrooms are available in a variety of colors, making your new surface tiles easily blend into an existing decorative pattern.

Examine the walls where the tiles are configuring any cracks. Fill cracks with drywall compound, the filling into the wall surface with a spatula and then scrape along the surface of the patch with the edge of the spatula to level out. Wait about two hours for the compound to dry enough to work with then sand is soft so that it is flush with the surrounding wall with sandpaper medium grain.

Measure the length and width of the wall and then use these measurements to establish test pattern subway tile bathrooms on a light surface. Use as many full tiles as possible, to create the model and estimate the amount of cut tile needed to complete the installation.

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