Blue Penny Tile Bathroom Floor


Blue penny tile bathroom floor can look like drops of water or pieces of sky in a bathroom. Most often a medium or dark blue colored tile is used on the floor.  Vivid blue penny tiles cover the floor, walls and ceiling. The look is sleek and dramatic, so showing off with a shower screen of clear glass and frameless doors. This is a bath treatment that requires very little else. Keep the big, fluffy towels in one color.

Set the bathtub in a blue penny tile bathroom floor to highlight the design of the old days of the tub with an old tile and keep things simple cleaning. The rest of the room can be contemporary, elegant country or bad change on a whim or to accommodate your home decorating evolving.

Surrounding a large bathroom mirror with blue penny tile bathroom floor as a framework. Use glass tiles, if found, and varying shades of blue lightly to achieve submarine watery appearance. Penny tile can be glued to a flat frame surrounding a stuck around a mirror mounted on a piece of wood cut to resemble a mirror or frame. Cover the surface of the wood around the entire mirror tile, and paint the edges of plywood with oxidized silver paint.

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