Best Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms


Tile ideas for small bathrooms can be a difficult task. With the right choices, however, you can make the most of the space and give the appearance of having more space and make your small bathroom seem open and airy. Strong colors can make a small space feel tight and give the impression that the walls are closing. Choose tiles that are light colored or neutral to minimize this problem. in tile ideas for small bathrooms, eye can be fooled into thinking a space is larger with only a small variation in way tile is placed. This will take longer and may require more cutting measure to get pieces of tile to suit. This will make room appear wider by drawing eye diagonally instead of up and down.

A common technique for tile ideas for small bathrooms is a darker colored border around room. This technique can work in a large room where a lot of space, but in a small room, which only serve to close in visual area. Instead of creating a border with dark tile, consider a design in center of room with this tile and use lighter tile to edges to give illusion of more space.

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