Best Painted Bathroom Vanity


Painted bathroom vanity is quite less expensive than painting the walls of the bathrooms and the replacement of all furniture or bathroom floor. This partial remodeling project bathroom also needs less time to complete, of course. So you can definitely save more time and money. In painting your old vanity sure you do not need to spend much money to buy a lot of wall paintings. You do not also need more time and energy to paint large space. This way you can definitely get many advantages.

In painted bathroom vanity, prepare several things first. Before repainting bathroom vanity, be sure to thoroughly clean and remaining paint or first layer off. You can scrape metal spatula and heavy sand with sand paper, after precious steps now have to remove drawers and doors of your bathroom vanity. Remember to also remove hinges, knobs and controls, so you can paint surface more easily without staining hardware.

You can then continue his project of painted bathroom vanity. In this last part can be painted directly on vanity of thin layer first. Wait until first coat to dry completely then you can do same step for second layer. If you want to add polyurethane layer, then you should do so before second layer.

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